Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #7 Guilt

May 9, 2014

A gruesome end to the week, I hope you enjoy! ^^

I’ll be spending my weekend playing games and doing art stuff, might even pick up some inspiration for next weeks challenges. But for now I need to let them writing muscles rest a bit. xD 


Anarion gasped and quickly ducked behind a blackened marble pillar. A great beast paced into the hall ahead of him sniffing the air and licking its teeth with a snake like tongue. His pulse started to speed up. There was a man in there with the beast. Someone who hadn’t noticed it entering the hall. Anarion swallowed hard as his throat thickened as he dared a peek out of his cover.

The man was paralysed with fear and stood gaping at the creature. It moved towards him, jaws wide open. With a bloodcurdling sound it charged the man, its claws ripping and tearing. He screamed as its teeth bit into his flesh.

Anarion quickly ducked back again and covered his ears with his hands trying to block out the sounds. He bit his lips so hard he could taste his own blood as the screams grew even louder. He felt a sharp jab in his hart. He should have helped the man but knew he would be nothing but added fodder to the beast.

When the sounds had gone silent and the beast abandoned the slaughter Anarion finally dared to come out. Slowly he approached the maimed man grimacing at the growing puddle of gore. He was still breathing and twitched once in a while.

It was a human, a young man. His eyes wide with fear and full of pain. Anarion placed a shaking hand on his chest and waited for the healing energies to flow. But there was nothing. The mans mind was much too broken or simply not open enough to receive it. Tears started to burn at the corners of Anarions eyes and he backed away fists clenched at his sides.

The mans eyes beckoned him to end his suffering but he could’t do it. Instead he closed his eyes and turned away. With a deep anxious breath he left with the helpless gurgling cries of the dying man echoing in his mind.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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