Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #11 Love/ Attraction

May 16, 2014

This is blasphemy what I am doing here. Sweet lord! It should never happen…

But since I don’t have any couples to write about, these two rivals will have to suffer instead! xD

I’m sorry if this turns into porn…

Happy reading!


It was hard to find solitude even in such a vast forest as this one. Neawendi had done her best to sneak out of the camp unnoticed and without anyone following her. She inhaled the scent of the nature around her and for a moment forgot all about duty and chores. While making her way down a path to a secluded lake her peace was suddenly interrupted.

“It is not very wise for a lady to wander off alone.” A dark voice said mockingly from the shadows of the forest. Neawendi jumped at the familiarity of it so close behind her.

“I could say the same about you old man.” She grinned at the old Nevaari but made sure to put a little more distance between them. He always reminded her of a black dragon. Majestic, but also very intimidating.

“Old I may be.” He pushed away from the tree had had been leaning against and stepped out on the path. “But I am in no danger no matter where I go.”

Neawendi frowned. “Are you implying that I can’t defend myself?” She crossed her arms and glared at him.

“You can fight.” Shairën smiled and gave her a teasing wink. He crossed behind her close enough to brush his shoulder against her back. “But not good enough.”

“Better then many.” She corrected him, and suppressed the shudder the touch caused her.

“Not better then me,” Shairën insisted.

“Is that it? You’ve been standing here waiting for me to maybe walk by so that you could challenge me in secret?” Neawendi’s eyes narrowed into slits full of suspicion. Her sword hand twitched, all too familiar with the signals her mind was sending out.

“Not really, I was looking for the same solitude as you. But twisting your nerves is much more satisfying.” He folded the sleeves on his robe and drew his long narrow sword from its sheath on his back. “Who knows who or what you might run in to next time. I should teach you a few moves.”

“How thoughtful of you.” She said flatly and slowly drew her sword as she started to circle him. “There are more… convenient places for such lessons, you know.”

“You if anyone should appreciate some privacy from time to time.” He smirked and raised his sword into a position where he could strike at her from any angle. “Especially when I’ll take you down indecently fast.”

Neawendi wasn’t sure what to expect and held her posture defensive. She knew Shairën was viciously quick and accurate with his blows. But his body was slim and more similar in built to a healer then a warrior. She watched how he moved closely. If she could dodge his first attacks she could probably take him down by force.

She was terrible mistaken. He was much stronger then he should have been. The first blow nearly disarmed her and the second came as a two handed cut aimed at her shoulder. She recoiled and placed her feet too close together.

Before she could recover from the parry Shairën swept her legs away with one well aimed kick. Neawendi landed flat on her back with a groan. She pulled her legs up to roll away but got pinned to the ground as Shairën quickly straddled her over the chest, keeping her arms down with his knees and his blade pressed firmly against her throat.

Her back arched out of instinct, the position was not awfully painful but the sharp edge against her skin was rather uncomfortable. She could see he enjoyed her spasm a little too much.

“Alright, you got me.” She hissed while trying to turn her head away. “Now get off me before I drive my sword through your face out of spite.” She started squirming to see if the Nevaari would give way for her to escape. But he simply put more weight on her.

“I’d like to see how you intend to do that. You are quite stuck if you haven’t noticed.” He leaned down over her and got as close to her ear as he could without brushing his lips against her.

“There is a great deal of other things we could do out here…”

Neawendi’s face turned an impressive shade of red. Speechless and more embarrassed then she dared to admit she drove her knee up hard into Shairën’s back. It would have been a near suicidal move had his reflexes not been perfect. To not slit her throat he was forced to roll away.

“I hope me kicking your ass is one of them!” She growled at him, still blushing.

Argh that was painful for me, but I hope you readers enjoyed it. I’m not sure if there is any obvious attraction between these two here, but I hope I managed to hint at least some kind of tension if you know what I mean… *wink, wink*

… Ok that is enough, see you guys next week! (This was written after challenge #12 don’t be confused..)

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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