Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #15 Fear

May 26, 2014

Immortality is a bitch sometime. A shitty deal you got going there Jill.. :F


Can’t you see the blood? There are bodies everywhere.

The pain, their hunger.

They don’t scream anymore. They suffer in silence.

Engulfed in darkness, buried beneath the earth.

A once cradling grave, has now become a cold prison.

They hear you breathe, they feel your life….

They will come for you.

A cold breeze slithered its way between the many tents of the camp, it carried the faint smell of death with it. Neither wind or rain would normally be enough to wake him, but that smell combined with the dreams pulled him right out of his sleep.

Jillian awoke with a sharp deep inhale as if he had been unable to breathe. He felt confined and blinked rapidly a few times to make sure he was awake. When convinced he truly was awake he flipped over on his side and cleared his throat. His voice came out as a mere whisper.

“You keep saying that. But they’ll never come.”

“Whats that?” Shairën’s mildly interested voice cut through Jillian’s drowsy mind like a sword.

“Just the dead making promises again.” Jillian mumbled. A a tear forced its way down his cheek and he wrapped his cloak tighter. He wondered if his companion could hear how hard his heart pounded inside his chest as images of starved corpses flashed before his eyes. Brothers ripping flesh from each other’s bodies driven mad from hunger. If they did come, if they would drag him into the earth and death never claim him.

What would become of him?

Immortality was beautiful and convenient. But eternal life, experiencing death over and over without escape… It was the worst fate he could imagine.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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