Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #16 Confusion

May 27, 2014

It is never easy to come home to find that everything has changed. :’3


“What’s this? Haven’t you spent enough time underground for a lifetime?” Anarion ducked to look at his friend huddling in the small cave.

Irewethain jumped. Surprised he peered over his shoulder to see who was there. “I…what?”

“You look lost.” Anarion grinned and squeezed himself through the narrow opening in the cliff. “What is troubling you my brother?” He sagged down to sit in front of his friend.

Irewethain buried his chin in the folds of his sleeves. His gaze was clouded but not as sad as it had been earlier that day. “This…” He bit his lip and tried to focus. There was so many impressions, so many thoughts running through his head. “It is so different.”

“It is much better then where you have been.” Anarion waved his hand at the cave walls. “Why are you here? The sunlight and nature must be such a wonderful thing after having been blind for so long.”

“It is bright. It is beautiful. But…” Irewethain peered over his shoulder again at the world outside. “Why is it different?”

“Different how? ” Anarion asked curiously.

“It used to be brighter.” He shifted to lean his back against the stone. He grasped a handful of earth and studied it closely. “All the colours of the world are pale now.” He looked Anarion straight in the eyes as if he expected him to have all the answers. “Why is this?”

Anarion flinched at the sudden trust that was put in him. A being so much greater then him turned to him for wisdom. He wasn’t sure if this was an honour or something that should have made him very sad.? “There is much darkness in this world now. Especially here, and I’m afraid it is spreading. That could be why.” He shrugged. “I don’t know why or how it is happening. But somewhere, a piece of your world still remains strong, and that too is growing.” He placed a hand on his friends shoulder to comfort him. “Give it time, have faith. And I’m sure you will soon feel more at home.”

Irewethain nodded slowly. “I’ll help then. We are healers, we can bring life to what’s dying?”

“Maybe. Healing is different here and now. If we become stronger, we might indeed reverse the damage.” A corner of Anarions mouth curled up in a compassionate smile. Irewethain looked paler then usual.? “Don’t trouble yourself with the whys and hows. Enjoy life for what it is for now. ”

“Hm…” Irewethain’s mind was spinning again and he started to get nauseous. But his friend was right, he would need a lot of rest to regain his full strength.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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