Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #17 Annoyance

May 28, 2014

Cheating a bit with this one… This is an older story of mine that I completely ended up re writing for this, but the theme was the same.

Oh and this is my redemption for that scene I wrote earlier about these two. Now they are finally back to annoying each other! 


Flickering candlelight basked the narrow makeshift library in a warm orange light. It was barely wide enough for an elf to stand with both arms stretched out to the sides, but it was enough for its purpose. A private closet was still a better option then a public hall.

Shairën sat curled up at his desk looming like an old dragon over old documents and books. I it was a tedious quest translating and deciphering every intricate drawing, poem and text. And even though he could read the language fairly well many runes had many meanings. And one mistake could alter the meaning of an entire sentence.

He held a glass of red wine in one hand and flipped through the pages of a very interesting journal with the other. Intrigued he started to lean closer over the writing.

A loud pounding on the door nearly made him spill the wine over the fragile documents. Shairën groaned and put the glass away to a safe place before burying his face in his palms. He sighed heavily. He was quite sure who it was who dared to disturb him so late into the night. There was no time to protest before the door flew wide open.

“Naeri…” He hissed and forced a smile that looked more like a malicious grin then he intended to.

“Morning my lord…” She declared and sagged down in a chair next to him, a bit closer then he wanted her at that moment.

“Morning already?” Shairën scowled and pushed her along with the chair to a more appropriate distance. He was not in a social mood and her presence, dressed in pure white, and definitely craving his attention poked at his primal side like a sharp stick. “Do you ever sleep girl?” He leaned back and folded his arms tight across his chest. “Haven’t you got a… bed or something to go waste time in rather then my private quarters?”

“Mmm …I think not.” She shook her head.

He gave her a blank stare. “You’ve got a young man to entertain you and a house to go to, yet I find you storming in here every night for the past days. I’m not sure what to make of this.“ He couldn’t for the life of him figure out why she didn’t pick up on his hostility.

“Strange isn’t it -” she purred and wrapped herself in a silky blanked she had brought with her. “Young man gone for long time and i’m not one for sitting in a cold empty house all night.”

Shairën got a strange urge to set the lady on fire. It was a pleasant thought to imagine her running howling out the door ablaze. Perhaps that would keep her warm enough to stay away, but he discarded the thought since she would probably return later for vengeance. It still made him smile.

She finally seemed to have read the vicious flare in his steel blue eyes as she suddenly changed position from a saggy pulp of blanket and tangled robes into a more formal sitting pose.

“You know Shairën… I’m not com-”

“No.” He quickly deflected her suggestion.

“But you -”

“I’m not letting you any closer to these books then this. I’ll never get you out of this room if I do.” He turned back to his desk and started flipping pages. To his amusement he heard a slight growl behind him before Neawendi crawled back into a ball of cloth..

“Silly girl.” He thought, why did she even bother with him? There were plenty of other places containing books gathered from ancient civilisations, she even had some copies of her own. At least the public copies were in a good condition. Shairën gritted his teeth as the author of the journal he was holding seemed to have splattered his lifeblood all over the last pages. Could the man at least have died a bit to the side so it hadn’t ruined the ink. He tossed it to the side hopelessly after finding the last page to be a smudge.

Neawendi flinched with a horrified expression on her face.

Shairën scoffed at her reaction.

“It is already ruined. Can’t break it anymore then it already is.” Suddenly a new idea formed in this mind. “Actually, why don’t you save it from my cruelty and take it away from here. I’m sure it has some pretty drawings you can gawk at.”

“No need to go anywhere to do that.” She snatched the journal from the desk and swung her legs over the chairs arm support. She could not read its advanced language, but that didn’t stop her from trying. It was very hard to get comfortable in the hard chair and her constant squirming made Shairën’s fingers twitch.

His eyes glistered with murder and he could feel how an intense heat started building in his palms. He rubbed his brow irritatedly.

“Naeri…” he whispered clutching his hand into a fist that slowly started to shimmer in a fiery red. The heat had started to burn even him. “Stop moving or I swear I’ll burn us both alive…”

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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