Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #19 Shame

May 29, 2014

Almost back on schedule! Another double post tomorrow and then the last challenge on friday!


The guild master grabbed Jillian by his collar and shoved him ruthlessly against the wall.

“What were you thinking boy? We are assassins, not savage beasts. Do you know the difference?” His voice was thick with contempt and disappointment.

Jillian yelped and pawed at his masters arms “I don’t know what happened…” He tried to avoid eye contact but he was forced to face the older elf’s furious gaze.

“You know very well what happened. You butchered your own kind in cold blood and brought disgrace to your brothers.” The guild master drew a dagger from his belt and pressed it against Jillian’s throat. The steel cold and sharper then anything he had felt before. “I should kill you myself right here, cut your throat slowly and feed your corpse to the wolves.”

Jillian hunched and cried out. “No please, it won’t happen again!”

“I’d like that. But if it does you won’t set foot outside Akariën again, understood?” He flicked his blade across Jillian’s cheek leaving a deep cut and let go.

Jillian crumpled to the floor and pressed his hand agains the wound. “Yes master.” He hung his head so low that his neck ached.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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