Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #21 Shock/Surprise

May 30, 2014

Tsk tsk, telling a power-hungry elf that power is bad for him? Lol like that ever works… :F


A burst of blue flames erupted around him.

“Go no further.”

A voice spoke in his mind.

“Too weak, too greedy. The power will consume you.”

The flames grew more intense, burning. But Maelorn felt no pain. He held out his arms and watched his skin flake away, but beneath his skin and flesh burned a fire of his own. Black and vicious.

He felt stronger and stronger as it grew. He was immortal, eternal. Maelorn awoke with a gasp and gripped at his chest. His body was lethally hot, his heart raced. A high pitch noise screeching in his ears.

He let himself fall onto his back in his bed again and burst out laughing. It was incredible, he had finally found them. And it felt so good.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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