Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #22 Curiosity

May 31, 2014

AAaaand it is DONE! Challenge is over and wow… don’t think I’ve written this much in such a short time in my life… >.>

Now I shall return to hours of gaming, painting and drawing, but no worries, all that will still contribute to this page in some way. Especially the art part.


The screams had stopped, there was only silence. Boring, maddening silence. Cairaha poked his head through the doorway to see what was causing the lack of commotion.

Five reapers lay sprawled on the floor in a pool of their own blood, huddled together in a far away corner sat some former prisoners silently sobbing.

There was no way to be stealthy about his approach so Cairaha simply walked up to them and crouched at a safe distance. He was fully naked, and with the deep, badly stitched wounds on his body he probably looked like an animated corpse. The prisoners paid no attention to him. Their faces were either tucked between their knees or they clutched on to each others in tight hugs.

They didn’t look like killers to him yet they were covered in blood that was not their own. It was an odd sight. No prisoners killed only to stay and die.

Cairaha crawled closer and grabbed a fistful of one of the mens thorn clothing and pulled. The man fell screaming to the floor and opened his eyes. The scream grew even louder when the man saw the jagged cuts in the shape of a nightmarish grin on Cairaha’s face.

The prisoners shot to their feet startled and confused. The women covered their eyes and turned away horrified by the strange creature that was watching them. With his attention turned away the man Cairaha had floored shoved the dagger he had been hiding into the creatures sternum.

Cairaha wrinkled his nose and his white eyebrows furrowed. He grabbed the mans wrist and yanked the blade free. The man kept screaming.

“Silence! What is wrong with you?” He hissed at the man and pressed him down to the floor by the shoulders. “Want them to hear you?” He leaned in until his face was only inches away from the mans face, holding him steady so he couldn’t squirm. “You’re a crazy one if I’ve ever seen one. Killing out of fear? Foolish…” He smiled. “You will not get far that way.”

“You… you’re not one of them?”

Cairaha shook his head. “I could help you out of here.” In what way he did not specify. They could be killed by others, die of fear. Or he would eat them. He hoped for the last, but there was so much fun to be had before that.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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