Fragment of a dream

April 7, 2014

I rarely share my dreams with anyone, but sometimes one comes up that might hold a fragment of something that may or may not have some value to someone reading about it.

I thought this might be one of those:

Tough dreams – Dream journal monday 7th April 2014

Pain in dreams is the worst, I can usually avoid the small monsters and people trying to hurt me. But that abyssal beast that wrapped me up in thorn vines and gave me the touch of what mortality feels like got me good. ^^; …

The night wasn’t completely without a shred of wisdom, I spent some time in the head of my bird companion while falling from that place where this whole dream took place. Through the clouds, through the air and down into the ocean.

“A wet bird can’t fly…” I flapped my wings but kept sinking. Soon I lay on the sandy bottom of the sea sprawled next to another bird who had died and fallen in the same way a long long time ago. I heard a voice from that bird, the voice of a goddess..

“It is alright to give up now. You can go.”

There was resistance in me. The need to be somewhere, the need to keep fighting. I could not die there, not like that.

“Why do you keep struggling? If you don’t know why, there is no reason to.”

This quite got to me. I was struggling, only soldiering on because it was what I thought was right. Something that was what you were supposed to do. Even whiteout a goal, just push on until you came to that end. What end? Would there ever be one if you never allowed something to be enough.

I then knew what to do….

I needed a purpose. I needed a reason to keep living to get away from there. I remembered I had to get back to help the one I had left there in the world above the clouds. But my body was broken and it really couldn’t go with me. But with new determination and will behind my intention I could “shift” myself into another body. Another life.

This is where the goddess told me I still had a life as a cat in the city on the shore. Just a small distance from where I lay. If I could get there, I could get back to where I had to be.

*Oh and for the record, this was not a mopey dream. I was kicking ass before and after this part in my more .. human-ish body. ;P*


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