The library is open!

March 11, 2014

The Library is now available for visitors. There are no stories or anything there yet, but I put in a small link to a contact form where requests can be sent. Not that it might be of much use since not many of you know about my characters, or what this whole place is about. But a specific genre is fine too and I’ll see what I can come up with.

I believe this is also a good time to tell you that Haranutarie is a fantasy world, but not your typical fairytale place or dark and dirty war ravaged world. It can be dark and brutal to many of its inhabitants, but for the most part it is a rather peaceful and beautiful realm. One can live an entire life without anything “big” really happening. But there is always those who has to push the borders of their boring existence and go rummaging for adventure and excitement. Many of those end up triggering events that might appear subtle when they begin, but with time they grow to effect the entire world whether it happens in the shadows or in painfully plain sight.

The stories you will find here will be just like that. Some might seem rather insignificant, but pay attention! That broken husk of a man by the side of the road might have been a god that will come back to haunt the people that passed him by. That golden jewelry that was sold to a hight price could very well have saved the man from becoming devoured by spirits.

I am just as much an explorer of this world as you are, making my way through it one step at a time getting to know the crazy individuals within. Not even I can imagine where it will end.

– Frostnight


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