Dark Light: Shattered Soul (Part I)

February 4, 2018

A dark and heavy veil had lifted, a deep cold that occupied her entire consciousness burned away in a matter of seconds in a maelstrom of gold and white light. A deafening, high pitched screech paired with waves of vibrations washed over her until everything exploded into unimaginable agony.

Neawendi tried to scream as her chest heaved and her back arched from the pressure and heat rampaging through her body.

Not a sound escaped her broken lips.

She writhed on the ground, her outstretched hands and arms glowed white as they formed into flesh and bone in front of her eyes.

She was alive—again.

At least that’s what she thought, but life never hurt as much before. Every step felt like shards of glass piercing her legs and feet. The air she breathed burned her lungs as she stumbled around in a clearing.

Memories flashed through her mind—a past life she had thrown away much too soon.

“Naeri,” she whispered to herself and slumped to her knees, “that’s my name….”

The chaos in her mind calmed as she remembered her identity. She could now feel the deep soft moss beneath her, the sun’s gentle warmth on her new skin. She laid down and stretched her limbs fully, taking in as much of the unfamiliar surrounding as she could.

This was not where she had died. It had been a dark and cold place. Desperately trying to focus she saw plants, trees, and heard sounds of birds. Any thought of herself would make the still rampaging pain fare up even more.

Just breathe, and it will all be fine. She thought and dug her fingers into the moss. The tiny leafs curled up from the heat of her touch, but she didn’t notice. Tears of blood ran down her cheeks and dripped onto the ground like liquid fire. Pretty trees. Nice solid trees.

She crawled towards one and manically dragged her palms over the sharp bark. It was a different pain, an external sensation, it made her feel real.

The last thing she remembered from her past life was the bite of an unnaturally cold sword piercing her heart and a surge of utter despair as her flesh froze. She was certain her soul had left her body, there was no way she could have stayed in her broken form.

Neawendi felt a jolt in her heart as she recalled the memory, her body began to cool and her mind felt thick.

She had to find help fast.

(End of part one)


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