“I do have a personal life. Everyone just chooses to ignore it.”

The first Guardian amongst the silvrians and said to be the most loyal of High Lord Lorioloth's subjects. He is rarely seen away from the king's side to the point where his absence would cause court visitors anxiety, thinking dire matters must be at hand. Rumors have it that Lorioloth even had to order Aiu to get married and have children because he himself would never allow his attention to be directed anywhere other than his duties.


Born to a noble family in Tharglond, Aiu was raised and trained to become a diplomat, as was tradition. A noble without real personal value was worse than being a beggar, according to his father. The ever looming threat of being discreetly wiped from the family tree was an effective motivation for young Aiu to be the best and brightest amongst his peers. 

While navigating the verbal battle field of elven nobility, he soon learned there were worse things than words to fear. Failure could have consequences beyond loss of titles and respect. When words failed, a sword would often be the last and only option at the cost of blood and lives. Aiu wanted to serve and protect his people and that would be a hard thing to do if he died or became a cripple. Thus, he made sure he was as good with his sword as he was with his words. Ironically, the people's fear of his blade gave his words more power. Aiu would soon prevent disputes by simply entering the room. His presence alone kept everyone on their best behaviour. He was the perfect citizen, strong, skilled, inspiring. The High Lord took him under his wing in a heartbeat, wanting to make him an example that the best and brightest amongst his people would be rewarded with a place at his court.

The First Guardian

It was a great honour for Aiu to be recognized and rewarded by Lorioloth himself, but also quite concerning. Society had its flaws, but the elves at large knew only peace. What did the son of a god have to fear from arguments and disputes so much that he would need a bodyguard? No elf would even dare to imply harm towards the king in fear of invoking Ithraën's wrath. It came as a relief that a position as the High Lord's Guardian was not so much about protection as it was posturing. Aiu's primary duty was to train, socialize and display his skills whenever required, and to set a standard for those who would join his rank.