“Power never comes cheap.”

Maelorn is a great mercenary in the world of Haranutarie

Maelorn is a nevaari noble descended from a house of mages that became a mercenary after making too many enemies in his homeland. After much hard work and bloodshed he became a reliable escort to various merchants on the Sea of Sorrow, at least to those who paid him well...


Maelorn always had an obsession with power and influence, unfortunately he was born without the affinity for magic that his house was renowned for so his position amongst the nevaari nobles was tainted from the start. This misfortune or curse, as some would call it, lead to an unhealthy obsession with reclaiming his lost heritage.

Viciousness was not an uncommon trait amongst nevaari nobles, blood, death, and betrayal was all fair game if you could get away with it, and without angering the rival houses to the point of war. Maelorn got careless on both points trying to bully his way into high positions and was eventually forced to flee his home with the few allies he had left.

As many others rejected by the morgëthri and nevaari hierarchy, Maelorn set his eyes on Avaschte’hireai as his sanctuary, but without the funds to maintain his life quality and ensure his safety he had to get a job. Fighting and intimidation was his expertise so the mercenary life was an obvious choice for him and his band of misfits.

Unexpectedly, the merchants’ guilds from Thar Avalandrin generously outbid the ones from Jeerwithuën once Maelorn’s reputation on the sea grew, and he suddenly found himself working for the enemy. The weight of gold made loyalty and patriotism less important, and they would occasionally switch sides to bump up the prices for Maelorn’s services.

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