A broken world

Namayah Adem ar Luirilë

"Ignoring the past will not make the problems go away."

Namayah the elven captain of Imanai holding a funny vegetable while looking suspicious.
Race Losserim
Gender Male
Occupation Captain

Captain of Imanai, famed for helping elven refugees flee Jeerwithuën during the war against the morgethri. Namayah grew up as a farmer, but his sense of adventure set him on a path to become a hero to the people. Besides taking part in many expeditions across the sea, he also served in the High Lord's army as a volunteer for a while, fighting at the ever diminishing borders.

Namayah would have been a model citizen if it weren't for his obsession with ancient ruins and artefacts, a highly illegal interest under the High Lord's rule. Fame however, comes with certain benefits, so when word of Namayah's secret pastime activities reached the ears of his superiors, he got a slap on the wrist and some harsh warnings. When the war was over and the High Lord proclaimed Namayah a hero, the only reward he asked for was to keep the beloved sword he'd found in a ruin. Little did he know that the sword he saved from being forgotten would turn out to be very important for the future of his people.

Appears in

Tales from Haran

• Desire

• Excerpt From A Hidden Paradise

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