Show vs Tell Challenge #5 Sympathy/Empathy

May 7, 2014

Iiih, finally a chance to write about my pretty guy Maeflin! I think I’ll sit down and make a new painting of him some day. My older drawings don’t do him justice. No time for that today though… tomorrow? Oh and Neawendi is one of my three female characters to date… I don’t do very well with ladies but she’s alright. :3


Maeflin stretched his arms high above his head and flexed his wings in the sunlight. He was just about to flop on a park bench to soak up the heat when he heard a splash from the garden pond. Curious he went to check it out.

A lady stood by the water holding a large fruit in her hand and in the pond bobbed another one.

“The birds don’t eat them that big.” Maeflin remarked with a wide smile.

The lady turned around slightly startled. Her cheeks flushed and eyes slightly red.

“I…” she tried to force a smile and say something clever in return but nothing came up. Instead she turned her head back to the pond and fidgeted with the remaining fruit nervously.

“You’re upset…” Maeflin’s wings twitched. He was not used to see her like that.

“A bit.” She groaned and prodded the sand with her boot.

“Any news about Anarion?” He didn’t need to guess what her concern was. Besides the safety of the kingdom there was only one subject that could touch her this deep.

“No. He is still missing.” She swirled around and went to curl up under a tree a few paces away. “It’s been so long now. What if -” She bit her lip and her head thudded against the tree trunk.

Maeflin shook his head and sat down in the grass next to her. He gently brushed a strand of white hair from her pale face.

“He is your brother Naeri, there is nothing in this world that can harm him.” He spoke softly and pulled her into a hug. She felt stiff and cold compared to the warm atmosphere around them.

“He is not a warrior like me. He would never harm anything even if it was a threat to him.”

“Maybe not, but he is clever enough to not have to.” Maeflin squeezed her in his arms. The longer she remained presses against him the more of her pain seeped into his chest. “He is probably delayed in his business, or if captured, maybe it is not a good time to escape yet. ”

Neawendi reached up and touched a golden feather deep in thought. He knew she had a thing for wings and their symbolism and smiled softly at her gesture.

“Here.” He pulled a feather several inches long from his wing and handed it to her. “It can’t bring your brother back, but maybe there is some magic in there that can help you find him.”

She chuckled, a brief flash of the intense light and fire she always emanated returned for a moment.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

Other participants: Anastasia V. Pergakis, S Frankie Blooding, and Veronica R. Calisto.


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